NBN Academy

The NBN Academy organises trainings on management themes such as quality, the environment, sustainability and information security. As only member of the International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) for Belgium, NBN makes sure you will be the first to learn about new developments in standardization through its NBN Academy. Find out more about the extensive Dutch and French offer of NBN Academy trainings on management standards.

Management Standards

Management standards help organisations to better organise their activities. They deal with subjects such as quality, the environment, sustainability, information security, risk management, project management, outsourcing or facility management.

Companies striving to apply standards successfully, often struggle with their complexity. In that case, providing practical insight can be extremely valuable. The added value of the NBN Academy lies in its capacity to translate the theoretical aspects of a standard into practical advice for its implementation.

NBN Academy

The NBN Academy offers you the following guarantees:

  • Your trainer takes part in the development of the management standard covered by the training. This means you have direct access to the knowledge that underlies the standard.
  • You will be the first to learn about new developments involving ISO managementstandards.

Thanks to the unique position of NBN as sole ISO member for Belgium, the NBN Academy can rely on an exceptional network of Belgian and international trainers. These trainers are experts with a long-standing experience in a particular management field; moreover they participate in the development of ISO management standards. Therefore, at the NBN Academy, you learn first-hand how to apply the standard.

Training Offer

You can contact the NBN Academy for:

Open training, info sessions, seminars and events

The NBN Academy organises a number of practical sessions on the application of standards dealing with subjects such as quality, service excellence, environment, energy management, sustainability and work safety. Click here for an overview of the training calendar.

In-company training

In this type of training your requirements provide the starting point. A preliminary interview will help us adapt the content of the session to your particular needs. Four advantages of in-company training:

1. The training is tailored to the specific needs of your company. This means that your employees will be able to apply their newly acquired knowledge more rapidly after the training session.
2. Your employees will feel more involved because the exercises and cases will be specific to your company or business sector.
3. Lower cost per participant than for individual trainings.
4. Greater flexibility in the choice of the location, date and language of the training (Dutch, French or English).
For further information, please contact us.