If you intend to follow a training in management standards, it is crucial to choose a training institute that suits your needs. Three reasons for choosing the NBN Academy:

1. Be the first to know

The NBN Academy is part of NBN which, in Belgium, is the single point of contact for anyone wishing to develop or buy standards, or to follow training in applying management standards. Therefore the NBN Academy can react quickly to new developments and make you the first to be informed. Moreover, our trainers participate in standardisation committees and hold the knowledge that underlies a particular standard.

2. Practical approach

There is no question that standards can be quite complicated. Companies that strive to apply standards successfully often struggle with their complexity. The added value of the NBN Academy lies in its capacity to put the theory of a standard into practice. Our trainers are part of an international network of experts, have a long-standing experience and can bridge the gap between theory and practice.

3. Receive a free copy of the normative document

In addition to the handouts and pdf presentation you will also receive, on a USB stick and free of charge, the most recent version of the standard or draft standard discussed in the training.

​For further information, please contact us.