Standardisation Programme

The NBN (Bureau for Standardisation) standardisation programme provides an overview of the current standards projects that are monitored by NBN or its sector operators for Belgium.

Standardisation activities

Standardisation fields:

Standardisation programme:

For further information on this subject, please contact NBN or the sector operator responsible for the standards project. 

Standardisation in new areas

Any interested party may submit a standardisation proposal. These standards can be developed at national, European or international level. At present, the following new standard projects are ongoing:

Private Security Services

Purpose: This new project aims at the development of a standard in the field of private security services. The new standard will increase the quality of the security services and provide guidelines (with regards to operations, staffing, management, delivery) for both public and private buyers of private security services. With the increasing importance of private security services, the need for a European standard arises.

Would you like more information or are you interested in helping to develop this standard? Please contact us.