Experts are competent in a particular field of standardisation. They participate in the drafting of standards, share their knowledge and develop standards within a standardisation committee. Companies, public authorities and societal stakeholders may delegate these experts.

4 benefits of participating in standardisation committees

Participation as an expert offers numerous benefits:

  1. Gaining first-hand knowledge about future technological developments and trends. This gives companies a competitive edge.
  2. Influencing the standards development process. This allows a company to protect its investments in products and research & development. Societal stakeholders can call attention to environmental protection or consumer issues.
  3. Building a network. Standardisation committees are the ideal meeting place to forge new contacts and exchange ideas.
  4. Developing and exchanging knowledge. Participants in standardisation committees are knowledgeable international experts. By participating, you can acquire a lot of first-hand knowledge.

Experts wanted

NBN is continuously looking for experts for standardisation committee. Discover the committees here.

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Tools for experts

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