myNBN allows you to manage your collection of standards online. It is a handy management tool to select, consult, print or extend your personalised standards collection.

2 options

myNBN offers you three options:

  • Personalised collection: create your own collection of standards, import it to myNBN and make it available within your organisation. You are free to choose the standards that will make up your collection.
  • Reading room: with this online solution, you can consult more than 35,000 Belgian, European and key ISO standards in read-only mode. Easy and accesible 24/7.

5 advantages of myNBN

myNBN is user-friendly, easy to manage and offers numerous benefits:

1. Anytime, anywhere: myNBN is an online portal, therefore accessible anytime, anywhere.

2. Up to date: you have permanent access to the most recent versions of your standards, in all available languages.

3. Cost-efficient: NBN manages your standards collection, thereby reducing your administrative workload.

4. User-friendly: with one click of the mouse, you get an overview of your standards collection and its history. You can add users, search the standards catalogue and add standards.

5. Peace of mind: you can rest assured that your standards collections is continually accessible and updated.

For myNBN customers

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